Why We Are Better 

Why we are better?

The Department of English at World University of Bangladesh (WUB) is considered as the central and royal department of the university. We majorly focus on English Literature and Linguistics in Bachelor and Masters programmes. Besides that we collaboratively exchange education and experiences with other departments at WUB. Since all the textbooks and materials in higher education disciplines are in English Language, the stipulate and value of this department is plausibly privileged in the hierarchy of magnitude. Moreover English being a lingua franca all over the world, the successful graduates from our department have a vast horizon of opportunities in the job market with leading positions nationally and globally.

The Department of English remains a top-ranked department nationally and one of the top-ranked internationally. Studying the subject at undergraduate level will give you opportunities both to broaden your engagement with the subject and to specialize in your own particular area of interest in ways that the other degrees do not always allow. BA Honours in English is designed to expand and intensify the academic experiences of advanced English majors through completion of various world famous writings and excerpts. The range of courses covers from the Old English literature, i.e. the Anglo-Saxon Period, to present day Postmodern and Post-colonial literature and theories. In addition, you will be taught Western Philosophy, Bengali Literature, International Relations, ICT and Business communication as subsidiaries. At the same time the Department of English at WUB considers teaching English language one of its prime tasks so that students can become proficient in English to stand with complete uprightness in public as well as corporate sectors.

BA (Honours) in English programm at WUB is premeditated to facilitate students with wide-ranging and practical training for a career with skills both in language , communication and presentation. The bachelor program is divided into twelve consecutive semesters along with 126 credit hours approved by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and other national and international accredited bodies. The department enriched with qualified faculty members, well equipped language lab with multimedia accessibility with advanced research facilities and also library services containing huge collection of books, articles and journals. English degree here specifically taught using a combination of lectures, assignments, seminars, workshops, presentations, debates, critical thinking, and practical exercises. Both formative and summative assessments are followed based on the course work to develop your linguistic and professional competency.

Unlike other disciplines, English will facilitate you to break the boundaries in the region of versatile professions, i.e. news presenters, writers, novelists, poets, dramatists, officials at NGOs, banks, financial and insurance companies, multinational corporations, tourist guides, international business correspondents and so on at home and abroad. By admitting yourself into the Department of English you will not only study English Literature and Linguistics, it will also provide you an opportunity to access the literatures, cultures, history, philosophy, business and other fields of study in other languages translated in English. English as a discipline will create a path of leadership with glory, abundance and excellence at a wider range and choice of professions for you. You are warmly welcome to be part of this royal department.