Q. What will the courses offer me?

Our joint degree in English Language and Literature is one of the most popular arts degree courses in Bangladesh. You’ll benefit from a comprehensive English Language and Literature programme combined with an intensely practical course to develop your imagination, creative writing and reading skills.

Our English degrees are designed to give you a firm grounding in English Literature from the Middle Ages to the present day and to be as flexible as possible, so you can broaden your knowledge and tailor your degree to your own interests from a huge range of options.

Q. Is the BA English an Honours degree?

Yes. The four-year English major results in an Hons. BA. degree in English.

Q. What can I do with an English BA?

An English degree gives you the skills you need in today’s knowledge economy: employers are looking for creative, analytical thinkers with effective communication and research skills and wide-ranging cultural knowledge.

Career opportunities include writing, editing, and publishing, business, public relations, advertising, cultural advocacy, government, media, creative industries and teaching.

Q. How can I get in touch with an English instructor?

Consult the English Department’s faculty members

Q. Where can I find English course descriptions?

Please see the Program details page for detailed descriptions of the current English courses. The WUB Course Catalog also lists courses along with brief, general descriptions

Q. What are the evaluation processes?

  • Class attendance and Participation: 15% marks
  • Mid-term 1: 15% marks
  • Mid-term 2: 15% marks
  • Assignment/Presentation: 15% marks
  • Final examination: 40% marks

Q. Is a placement test taken?

No placement test is taken. You need to apply through admission committee.

Q. Is an open credit system available?

No, No open credit system is available.

Q. Are certificates given upon course completion?

Yes. Certificates are given upon course completion.

Q. How many students are assigned to each batch?

Around 30-40 students are assigned to each batch.

Q. Is there any specific counseling hours?

Yes. Batch Counselors usually fixes the counseling hours for their respective batches.

Q. What should I do if I miss a class?

You are advised to contact your course teacher and the batch counselor. If you think you are in trouble, you can contact the coordinator as well.

Q. What is the duration of a class?

You are required to attend one-hour and forty-minute long class twice a week.

Q. How many credits do I have to complete to get the certificate?

Minimum 120 credits.

Q. What is the minimum CGPA required for the promotion to the next semester?

From 1st Semester to 2nd the minimum required GPA is 2.
From 2nd semester to 3rd the minimum required CGPA is 2.25.
From 3rd semester to rest the minimum required CGPA is 2.50.

Q. How do I pay for the course?

You can pay for the course on a monthly basis or semester wise.

Q. When do courses start?

The academic year is divided into trimester – Summer, Spring and Fall.
Spring starts in January and ends in April
Summer starts in May and ends in August
Fall Starts in September and ends in December